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We are happy to announce the Israel Crypto Conference winter edition, ZOA Tel Aviv on December 7-...

Winter is here and we are here to talk about it! Is it time to hunker down or is it time to sing in the rain and dig deep into building new technologies? This is the time to distinguish the difference between the impact of technology and the inevitable hype. Are we in the crypto winter, so to speak? Markets are down, the currency is low and yet the biggest banks in the world, like Citi, are hiring Defi risk managers. Alphabet is investing a billion and a half dollars in crypto projects. Real projects are running and building the next technologies that will be better equipped to deal with fraud threats and will be more adaptable to the technology.

Tickets : Early bird tickets - December 7th - 309 ILS plus taxes Sales end October 31st General Admission for December 7th - 399 ILS plus taxes General Admission for December 7th + VIP networking event on December 8th 749 ILS plus taxes General Admission for December 7th + VIP networking event and dinner on December 8th- 1049 ILS plus taxes

ICC web 3 Conference Winter Edition: Dancing in the Rain Crypto winters remove background noise and lower the volume of opportunists, making it possible to focus on what’s truly important to build and grow web 3. In this conference, industry leaders will take the stage to discuss the major areas and obstacles the next “cycle” should focus on.

A range of WEB 3 verticals will be discussed at the conference: Defi, tradfi, and CBDC: innovation in each segment and how they are interrelated. Web 3 entrepreneurship: hottest trends, how to found ventures in the crypto winter, and what areas VCs invest in the most.

Regulation: recent trends in crypto regulation and how the industry adjusts to comply. Web 3 gaming: will WEB 3- based games take the place of NFT collections as the engine to lead the industry? Art, NFTs, and metaverse: is this hype fading or making a remarkable comeback in the next bull run? What segments are worth focusing on? What WEB 2 companies will adopt the technology? Security: many breaches and security failures on various apps occurred in the last few months. We’ll discuss the problems and the solutions the industry is looking forward to. Layers 1 and 2: layer 2 and layer 1 networks- such as Apptos, Aleo, starkware, and zksynk- emerged in recent months. Is multichain the future? What will infra-blockchain look like in the coming years?

At Israel Crypto Community, we aim to bring you the best content engagement in Israel. Whether you’ll be joining our monthly informal events, our hackathons, or one of our two major events in Tel Aviv we guarantee you will hear interesting, innovative content and network with the most relevant people in the Crypto Community. ICC is run by Ariel Shapira, Shauli Rejwan, and Tomer Weiss.

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