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Vietnam Traders Fair and Traders Awards 2022

We are proud to announce that the Vietnam Traders Fair is sponsored by leading organizations such as TMGM, which is the Diamond Sponsor, Platinum Sponsorships from AETOS and FPMarkets, and Gold Sponsorships from fxoperator,, ZFX, Vantage, ThinkMarkets, FXPIG, MTrading, and INFINOX. Furthermore, we also have Silver Sponsors such as INGOT Brokers, TOP FX, and lastly DOO Prime. There are still many more and more potential companies that will be joining us on the event day.

This conference offers a unique opportunity for you to gain insight into the latest market changes, discuss the hottest topics around the field and hear from the best experts and gurus in the field at seminars and workshops. This is a great opportunity for everyone to meet global industry leaders from all over the world and gain a greater understanding of the world of finance than they have ever before.

Furthermore, we are also happy to announce that Traders Awards 2022 will be ending soon at the end of November. Traders Awards is a professional rating with a long history where each company competes for the title “ The Best of the Best”. The voting process is live now on our website. Voting is open to all and everyone is encouraged to vote and support their favorite broker, their favorite trading guru, their favorite trading service, and their favorite media.  

Details of the Vietnam Traders Fair 2022 are as follows:

Date: 10th December 2022

Time: 9:30 Start registration

18:30 Gala Dinner

If you would like to know more information, please visit You may also contact FINEXPO through email at

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