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Ubiquitous Value Transfer through core technologies by BUMO

BUMO is a new generation of the commercial-grade basic public chain and builds the Internet infrastructure for Ubiquitous Value Transfer through core technologies such as An Improved Two-layer Consensus Protocol (BU Firework), Two-layer Polymorphic Architecture for Multi-child Blockchain (BU Orbits), Inter-Chain for Routing Value across Blockchains (BU Canal), Developer-friendly Smart Contract on Blockchain (BU CodeMach), etc.

BUMO's Features: Flexible multi-asset and multi-operator structure of accounts and transactions. An improved two-stage and two-layer consensus protocol based on DPoS+BFT, called "Firework". A novel two-layer polymorphic architecture of multi-child Blockchain will be supported, called "Orbits". An Inter-Chain of routing value among Blockchains will be supported, called "Canal". Turing-perfect smart contract, with the programming language of Javascript and WASM. Kinds of signature algorithms are supported, such as ED25519 and SM2. Built-in joint accounts to reach the control of multi-sig. High performance of transaction process with thousands of TPS. Cross-platform support, such as Linux, macOS, Windows, and Android. What are the Real Life Apps of BUMO?

BUMO Crypto Voucher The BUMO blockchain natively comes with Token publishing and transaction functions. Users can issue tokens quickly and efficiently, even if they do not create smart contracts, by calling the relevant operation interface of the BUMO blockchain. Voucher Publishing Platform For more complex applications, a contract-based Token issuing feature can be used. BUMO defines the standard of contract tokens to meet the compatibility of different applications such as wallet terminals and transaction markets and BUMO Wallet BuPocket APP is a professional multi-currency wallet that enables you to manage your digital assets more easily and makes your transactions more secure.

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