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TVF Pitchers Came in as Opening Guests for the Business & Entrepreneurship Conclave Pre-Event at ...

The annual Business & Entrepreneurship Conclave of IIT Delhi, set for the 6th, 7th, and 8th of January, is nearly upon us. BECON, IIT Delhi is India's largest entrepreneurial conference, with a footfall of more than 50,000 students spanning more than 500 institutes. A melting pot for ideas afresh and robust; transcending through the narrowed perceptions that we possess of the world around us, BECon serves as a platform to bring together the world's top business experts, entrepreneurs, and change-makers and connect them to a larger audience of students and leaders. BECON strives to bridge the gap between bright and talented young minds, and the able, experienced corporate world. It achieves so by hosting a plethora of events, competitions, and guest talks opening a wide sea of opportunities. SharkTank 3.0 is one such marquee event, wherein the best ideas seek funding and mentorship from the top investors of the country. The actors of the popular web series TVF Pitchers came to IIT Delhi to connect with students as part of a pre-fest event. The pitcher is a story that resonated with countless individuals and inspired them to follow their entrepreneurial ambitions. The Seminar Hall of IIT Delhi was alighted by the presence of star casts Naveen Kasturia (Actor), Arunabh Kumar (Actor, Creator, and Producer), Vaibhav Bundhoo (Director), and Ridhi Dogra (Actor). The interaction between the students and the cast was entertaining. Shashank Jha, the head of EDC at IIT Delhi, was interviewed in a humorous manner. In addition, there was an in-depth discussion of how they became artists and met. Students were given the opportunity to take pictures with the cast at the conclusion of the performance. This episode added TVF to the eclectic list of guests hosted by BECon so far, including the likes of Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Co-Founder, Twitter), and Ashish Chauhan (MD and CEO, BSE), among other prominent speakers from more than ten nations. Everyone had a great time interacting with the cast crew and BECon took off to a spectacular start.

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