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TETHER Becomes a General Sponsor of DEGAMEFI WEB3 CONFERENCE

Did you know that in October DEGAMEFI will host the second annual biggest web3 conference in the Caucasus region?

DEGAMEFI WEB3 CONFERENCE 2023 will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia 7-8 October.

With its extensive scope, the conference draws a varied assembly of developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts, all fueled by a strong desire to explore cutting-edge advancements, innovations, and practical implementations within the web3 space.

Degamefi 2022 was attended by 1200 people and this year they are planning to go even bigger with TETHER joining them as the general sponsor.

By sponsoring the DEGAMEFI 2023, Tether reaffirms its commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and advancing blockchain-based solutions in Georgia and the Caucasus region.

“By sponsoring this event in Georgia, we want to be an active player and further commit to fostering and nurturing this growing ecosystem. We believe that by empowering the local community with blockchain expertise, we can drive adoption and foster economic growth in the region. By demonstrating our commitment to Georgia's blockchain ecosystem, we aim to build valuable relationships, foster Bitcoin and p2p technologies adoption, and explore new business opportunities.” - Marco Dal Lago, Head of Expansion in Tether and Bitfinex.

So, mark your calendars because this conference is not to be missed!

Visit the website to see the featured speakers.

And do not forget to secure your passes while Early Bird Tickets are still available.

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