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Successful Online Event by JatBit

Enhances both your professional and personal skills by becoming a part of this Global Event as you learn new tools and skills which cannot be taught in-house. The focused nature of learning at JatBit 2020 allows you to dig deeper with the understanding of Blockchain and FinTech. Many people met a lot of great people from the Fintech and crypto world you follow online.

Jatbit was founded in 2017 as cryptocurrency exchange and rebranded as an event management and PR company. Jatbit joined RNS Solutions family and is a specialist organiser of finance and technology-related events. As an expert in the event management industry, our job is to create extraordinary experiences for our customers. We are an international team of talented and creative specialists who are passionate about their work and meticulous about small details.

RNS Solutions is software R&D agency and developed Blockchain, AI and Cyber Security customised softwares. RNS family help startups to develop prototype & viable products and established firms to accelerate growth. 

JatBit 2020 hosted individual speaking engagements, panel discussion, and fireside chats with prominent tech leaders. The speaker line includes Dr. Alqarni (Co-Founder, Antlia), Soulla Louca (Professor, University of Nicosia), Dr. Omar Fisher (CEO, iWealth), Shakil Muhammad (Chairman, RNS Solutions), Fan Wu (Founder & CEO,, Kiana Shek (Co-founder, DigiFinex), Lukas Krikstaponis (CEO, ROKKEX), Harry Halpin (CEO, Nym Technologies), Kingsley Kobayashi (Co-founder, FGC group), Norbert Gehrke (Founder, eXponential Finance & Tokyo FinTech), Jess Clemans (CEO, Sitarri Technologies), Waseem Shabout (Solutions Architect, Celsius Network), Bogdan Cretu (Digital Marketing Specialist, Coinzilla) and Faisal Naveed (CTO, RNS Solutions).JatBit has partnered with top Crypto and FinTech media companies for this year’s conference including CryptonewsZ, Cryptopolitan,, Block Tides, Block PR Asia, The Genesis Daily, and Asia Token Fund along with many others. Jatbit was founded in 2017 as a cryptocurrency exchange and was later rebranded as event management and PR company in 2020. Jatbit is a specialist organizer of finance and technology-related events. Our extensive experience of putting together engaging conference programs that fit specific communication objectives ensures large attendance and successful events as we apply strategic and creative thinking to execute our life experiences. At JatBit 2020, they have some very interesting sponsorship packages that include keynote speeches, guaranteed media article publications, interviews with influencers, email blasts, and much more that will provide our sponsors with a major platform to promote their project. We’ll share with you our sponsorship details once you confirm your interest in this event.

JatBit 2020 is a phenomenal success and let's all stay tuned for more of JatBit's event on 2021,

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