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Start Your Web3 Journey: HotQA x Derverse x MetaDOS

Start Your Web3 Journey: HotQA x Derverse x MetaDOS

To gather Blockchain and Web3 community, HotQA, Deverse, and MetaDOS in collaboration with Block Tides, Suipiens, BLCKCHN Marketing Agency, Web3 Space, and BitNews Social to create a fantastic co-host event named “Web3 Journey''. It is the first time that these 3 projects hosted a 6-month event, bringing users to many non-stop campaigns in the entire half-year. The event will bring many great rewards up to $10000++ such as NFTs, exclusive event tickets, stablecoins, and an add-on reward of $150 USDT on QuestN.

Detailed information:

  • Event Period: July 7th - December 30th, 2023

  • Venue: QuestN

  • Reward: $150 USDT + many more stablecoins + NFTs + others

  • Link QuestN:

About HotQA

HotQA is a leading mobile app in education that provides millions of Trivia and Quizzes. Not only enhancing users' knowledge and self-esteem, HotQA also combines with Blockchain to create a Quiz-To-Earn app in which users can earn money with their knowledge.


For more information:

About MetaDOS

MetaDOS is the Free-to-Play-to-Own battle royale game using the TIME-as-currency concept! The game is in early access on Steam here and is developed by a game studio with 100+ game titles shipped and 200M+ downloads.


About Deverse

Deverse World is an open metaverse sandbox that empowers creators and players with an efficient economy and robust development toolkits. Their platform already hosted over 100 unique worlds, all designed and shared by our fast-growing community across the internet. All of those worlds are interconnected, jumping from one to another is just a walk through the portal.


About BLCKCHN Marketing

BLCKCHN Marketing Agency (BMA) is an agency company combining an in-depth blockchain knowledge base with solid marketing expertise, striving to bring a tailor-made 360 marketing solution with world-class standards. We provide not only a solution but also a fully functional team of blockchain insiders to run the campaign and tackle the challenges your project is currently facing. They believe a strong brand with a clear vision will grow more sustainably and leave a long-lasting impression in users’ hearts and minds.


About Suipiens

Suipiens is a one-stop community for all your Sui blockchain news needs. You can stay up to date on the latest happening of the Sui-nami with Suipiens. From DeFi, Metaverse, and NFT to Web3, Suipiens has got you covered. Whether you’re looking for in-depth analysis or just want to stay on top of the trends, Suipiens has all the information needed to stay informed.



About Crypto Chain Wire

Crypto Chain Wire is a top-notch crypto press release distribution platform. Crypto Chain Wire provides tailored Crypto Press Release Distribution Services to amplify your reach and target the right audience through premium crypto media content syndication.

Crypto Chain Wire is a great way to spread the word about cryptocurrency projects. By leveraging the power of online media outlets, projects can reach a wider range of potential investors and draw more attention.



About BitNews Social

BitNews Social is a combination of news and social platform, focusing on sharing news and knowledge about Blockchain in Vietnam. At BitNews Social users can discuss Blockchain and crypto news, events, and projects from communities, investment funds, and other users. With this platform, it will help users who first join the Blockchain and Crypto market to approach and learn more useful knowledge.

Find out more about BitNews at:

About BlockTides

Block Tides is a leading top-notch Award-Winning PR and marketing Firm with full service for Growth Hacking, Sales, Social Media Management, Branding, Content Advisory, Media Distribution Services, Investor Relations, Public Relations, Events, and Community Management) creating impactful results with conversions globally in Blockchain, Technology, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, AI, IoT, Gamefi, and emerging technologies.

Find out more about BlockTides at:

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