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Play to Earn Alpha version of Pagan Gods is planned for August 23 at 15 00 UTC

$25 000 CONTEST!

The launch of the alpha version of the game is planned on August 23 at 15 00 UTC, which means we are ready to announce The First Pagan Gods game contest!

The contest starts on August 23 and ends on September 15. Until September 20* we will give away prizes worth $ 25,000! Ready to fight? Read on!

What are we giving away?

  1. 1 829 playable NFTs

  2. 10 000 000 FUR

How to get the reward?

All team owners with strength above 10 000! **

The entire FUR prize pool will be distributed among the participants as follows:

  1. TOP 10% players (by team strength) will share 5 000 000 FUR!

  2. NEXT 20% players (by team strength) will share 3 000 000 FUR;

  3. THE REST will share 2 000 000 FUR (team strength over 10 000 is necessary).

1 829 playable NFTs will be distributed among the owners of the top 500 teams as follows:

What needs to be done for the team to gain strength?

Pre-alpha functionality is limited, but even here there is enough space for strategy and tactics. In order for the team to gain strength, it is necessary to increase the level of cards, and with it the characteristics of attack and health. You can get experience:

  1. By participating in campaigns. Even a failed campaign gives 20 exp to each card in the team;

  2. Feed your hero with other cards. In this case, he receives 10% of the experience accumulated by the victim.

New cards can be obtained on campaigns or bought from the market — they are all good for sacrifice and experience!


*Contest ends September 15 at 21:00 UTC. Winners will get their reward until September 20.

**Strength of the team is (“Attack” of all heroes in the team)+(”Health” of all heroes in the team). Notice that 1 player can have 3 “strongest” teams, but will get only 1 prize! PRIZES WILL BE DISTRIBUTED TO THE PLAYERS, NOT TEAMS.

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