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PHFarmers Forum: Innovating Farmlands Through Blockchain

Agriculture is one of the oldest and most important industries in the Philippines. The country’s long history of agriculture has been a major contributor to its development, making it an essential part of the economy. In recent years, however, the industry has been facing a number of challenges. These include climate change, land conversion problems, high cost of farm inputs, pests and diseases, lack of post-harvest facilities, irrigation, low price of palay, and lack of capital. With these in mind, the emergence of financial technology is proposing a solution-based approach to these challenges.

Participants and delegates of PHFarmers Forum at Davao Lounge VIP, Gov. Duterte St., Davao City Philippines

On December 13, 2022, LandX and a new and promising validator for its protocol, TEAM Humanity together with LandX education community partner Davao DeFi CommunityNFT Davao, and Blockchain Network Philippines, sponsored the “Philippine Farmers Forum: Innovating Farmlands Through Blockchain”, which focused on the country’s rice farmers in the Philippines facing a number of challenges, including low incomes, high costs of production, and limited access to capital and markets, and how blockchain technology has the potential to address some of these challenges by providing a transparent and secure platform for transactions, improving access to capital for farmlands. The event was open to the public and was participated by farmers, rice cooperative members, local blockchain communities, and enthusiasts. During the forum, the participants shared opinions, and thoughts and exchanged suggestions during the open forum.

TEAM Humanity founder Mr. Richard C. Año III, outlined LandX to assist rice farmers in the Philippines

Together with Rod Albores, of Davao DeFi Community, and Nikki Shannen Ortega, CMO of Blockchain Network Philippines were on hand to host and opened the event. TEAM Humanity PH, founder Mr. Richard Año III, presented the session about the Philippine rice industry condition and its efforts to channel assistance to farmers. The founder of the Blockchain Practitioners Association of the Philippines, Ferdie James Nervida, opens the session and elucidates the basics of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and NFT. Arthur Agullana, the co-founder of the Davao DeFi Community, explains the comparison of Traditional Finance and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). And Lead Moderator, Ruben Lacumba, presents the session and shares the LandX protocol with the participants, and discussed the mechanism of LandX, and how to revolutionize agriculture using blockchain technology, he also expounds on the 3 core participants of LandX: farmers, validators, and investors. The co-founder of LandX graced the event through a video patch while the participants were able to express their gratitude for bringing the technology, particularly to small farmers.

Mr. Oftociano Manalo, national president of Pambansang Mannalon, Mag-uuma, Magbabaul, Magsasaka ng Pilipinas (P4MP) expresses the vital role of farmers in our economy and in our food security and conveyed a strong message to the agriculture sector to help promote and assist the efforts of blockchain and similar endeavors. During the forum, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions and express their support for LandX, discuss topics and develop recommendations. After every session, participants were presented with background information about each topic and were also encouraged to ask questions afterward. The event lasted 8 hours and the City Mayor of Davao gave his support to the event. We look forward to sharing this event and its program with your local communities. Feel free to ask us, if you are interested to become a validator.

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