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November 24-26 MetaExpo Singapore & Web3 Summit Has Been Successfully Held!

Vision: to be the most popular social platform for the metaverse ecosystem Mission: connecting the industry chain -- build a platform for sharing knowledge and matching resources, empower enterprises with information and solutions Values: open, cooperation, and win-win

On November 24-26, 2022, Singapore Meta Expo was successfully held at Marina Bay Sands Hotel! The Expo involves Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain, AR/VR, GameFi, DeFi and Crypto, attracted more than 1200 participants, professional audience accounted for more than 70%.

Summit Features Participation of World-renowned metaverse companies: this summit attracts world-renowned metaverse companies, internet companies, crypto companies, digital technology, and financial industry to gather in Singapore, bringing state-of-art metaverse technology research and development exchange and applications to participants, allowing us to track the most cutting-edge metaverse technology and business application.

Authoritative guests, sharing of scholars’ speeches: this summit has invited executives in charge of metaverse technology in world-renowned internet companies and authoritative metaverse researchers to be guests sharing ideas, guiding us through the birth of metaverse & development to experiencing future application scenarios. With a combination of theory and technology, we are more than ever to have a much clearer understanding of the metaverse and how third-generation internet technology evolves to change our life.

Immersive interactive experience: in this summit, exhibitors bring an immersive on-site experience built upon AR/VR technology in such a way that the audience can have a more intuitive experience of basic metaverse application scenarios.

Professional networking and upstream/downstream resources across the metaverse industrial chain: This Metaverse Summit has set corresponding thresholds for participation. The main audience of audience is the management of technology companies, and the level of vice president or above, and they are more inclined to communicate with professional customers. At the same time, this summit integrates the upstream and downstream resources of the Metaverse industry chain.

Next: April 5-7, 2023  MetaExpo Shanghai

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