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Mythical project TKNT, soared 700 times in just 24 hours

This article will take you to understand the mythical project TKNT, which has soared 700 times in 24 hours. What kind of mythical project is TKNT? It skyrocketed 400 times within 7 days of its debut in South Korea and 700 times within 24 hours of its debut on BKEX! The highest cumulative increase reached 1,300 times! ! Today I will take you to learn about TKNT, the latest and hottest new concept project of Defi+Bet Mining.

By mixing Bet-Mining and Defi, TKNT allows users to perform fixed mining through games in the experience platform, and is committed to building a system that can realize game participation and in-app payment in all DApps based on ERC20, and integrates various Financial Services.

But TKNT is not only a blockchain game platform, but also a Defi wallet platform. Through cooperation with Dappradar's TOP3 blockchain game platform, TKNT has a scene of actual payment and fixed mining. In addition, through cooperation with the platform-level first public chain UYT NETWORK, TKNT can exchange value and apply between different public chains. TKNT is the first project so far that successfully integrates the four major technologies and product breakthroughs of Defi, Mining, Gaming, and Cross-Chain.

The listing of BKEX is only the first step for TKNT to be listed on major exchanges around the world. On the day before BKEX went online, TKNT successfully held a three-month global leaders meeting. Representatives from the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and other countries attended the meeting to discuss TKNT’s plans to land in various countries and go online on various exchanges.

The plans and strategies of various exchanges to be launched were discussed intensively.

So how can ordinary digital currency enthusiasts enjoy the benefits of TKNT?

1. Buy TKNT through BKEX and immediately enjoy an average daily income of 30-50%.

2. On the game platform where TKNT is online, users can mine TKNT according to their bet amount, and can mine TKNT anytime, anywhere through their mobile phone or PC.

3. Participate in TKNT Staking and get a certain percentage of tokens as rewards. Participate in various activities aimed at staking users to increase your influence in the community. In the next 3-4 weeks, TKNT will land on Uniswap and the next top global exchange. Can TKNT break through the myth of 1,300 times?

Let us stay tuned!

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