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MetaPioneers Allocates $300K to Support Community Development of MIP-1 Genesis Proposal

We are delighted to witness the enthusiastic engagement of community members in the governance process of The MIP-1 Genesis Proposal, which serves as the foundation for our community DAO governance mechanism.

About the MIP-1 Genesis Proposal 🔗

To facilitate the continued growth & progress of MetaPi's DAO governance work, we'll allocate $300,000 USDT from the treasury to support the promotion of community development & the implementation process of the proposal. Let's build a stronger community together!

MetaPioneers is a yield-generating NFT FI with an area journey theme constructed on the Binance Good Chain, and it represents a brand new paradigm for Utility NFT assortment. Customers can grow to be captains and lead their fleets, recruiting prospectors to embark on interstellar expeditions. Varied NFTs improve in worth by the buildup of earnings of their compound curiosity yield protocol.

In keeping with the official Twitter account of MetaPioneers, the governance token of MetaPioneers, MPI, is publicly listed and obtainable for buying and selling on

For extra info, verify this official Twitter

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