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Hong Kong Web3 Festival: Uniting the Brightest Minds in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

In the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, excitement is growing as the first-ever Hong Kong Web3 Festival approaches. The gathering promises to be a unique chance for attendees to network, gain knowledge, and talk about the most recent trends and advancements in the Web3 industry.

The event's co-hosts, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, and HashKey Group, as well as organizer W3ME, have assembled a remarkable lineup of over 300 industry speakers and over 100 Web3 projects, with more than 10,000 participants expected from all over the world. From April 12–15, 2023, the festival will take place at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre on five main stages, with a total space of around 9,000m2.

The festival will feature Hong Kong regulatory representatives who will deliver interpretations of the most recent digital asset regulation rules in addition to the high-level material and panel discussions. With the organizers intending to allow partners to join in planning and coordinating a portion of the events for mutual development, the event will exemplify the Web3 attitude of openness and cooperation.

Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, a non-profit research organization established in 2015, has been advising startups and regulatory bodies on the technical development, use cases, and overall strategies of blockchain technology. This has helped to advance the economic and social development of the blockchain globally.

The leading end-to-end digital asset management and financing company in Asia, HashKey Group, provides fresh investment options and solutions for the blockchain and digital asset ecosystems. Their main lines of business include a full-service brokerage platform, an institutional-grade custody service, an SFC-licensed digital asset exchange, and a venture capital fund that invests globally in blockchain startups and digital asset projects.

The Hong Kong Web3 Festival now has Block Tides as a media partner, increasing its visibility and giving attendees special access to its speakers and material. Leading blockchain and cryptocurrency media source Block Tides will give readers in-depth coverage of the occasion, enhancing the voices of the sector's top Web3 initiatives and brightest brains.

The Web3 Festival, which will bring together the most brilliant minds in the Web3 business to exchange ideas and engage with top venture capitalists, promises to be an educational and engaging event with its impressive lineup of speakers and projects. The event will provide all attendees with a fulfilling and memorable experience, according to the organizers.

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