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Global Metaverse Carnival 2022 - Join the event to meet the Metaverse Investors, Startups, projec...

Global Metaverse Summit 2022 is for the English and Chinese markets, it will be held from 6-8 December in the 3D online event venue this year, and will bring together 2000+ participants from Metaverse brands, investors, technology companies, blockchain companies, and Media to discuss the significant global events happening in the Metaverse in the second half of 2022!

What will you learn at the event? Forum One: Analysis of the Metaverse policies of global countries; Metaverse Technology Innovations Forum Two: Web 3.0 & Decentralization in Metaverse; Forum Three: Metaverse Investment Opportunities from the perspective of Metaverse investors; Speed Networking with Metaverse investors & Brands & projects & Speakers & Media and all the participants!

Event Venue: The Global Metaverse Carnival will be held in a custom interesting Christmas Snow house-themed 3D online event venue! It has such fun graphics that you're in a Hollywood anime with the whole audience!

All the participants can create a unique avatar of their own and walk around the venue to explore the 3D expo area, talk and Q&A with the speakers, investors, exhibitors, and others, join the social networking, play games together and have a party!

In addition to learning at the event, you'll get plenty of social and entertainment! All you need is a network and a browser!

Guest Speakers: 2D Tech USA, PATRICK ABBOTT, President RBL Labs, Mik Mironov, Founder Cointelligence Fund, On Yavin, Founder & Managing Partner Technical University of Munich, Isabell Welpe, Full Professor Gamma Law, David Hoppe, Managing Partner OneRare, Kayaash Singh, VP- Growth & International Business DxTalks, Rudy Shoushany, Founder & CEO Mulana Ventures, Gilbert Ng,Partner MetaTokyo, Takayuki Suzuki,CEO India Blockchain Alliance, Raj Kapoor, Founder Who VR, Ajit Padmanabh, Founder and CEO Duelist King, Nicole Nguyen,CMO Wave Financial, Les Borsai, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Finstep Asia, Musheer Ahmed, Founder & Managing Director Smobler Studios, Dr Loretta Chen, Co-Founder & CEO Metavisionaries, AyeshaMubarak ALi, Co-Founder and Creative Director Wave Financial, David Siemer, CEO Aventis Metaverse, Samuel Teo, Co-Founder Virtua, Jawad Ashraf,CEO Coinstelegram, Anna Tutova, CEO Arcus, Rommel Carlos, CEO Dreams Quest, Paulii Good, Co-Founder / Creative Director / CMO Blockchain Founders Fund, Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner Metafluence, Emin Vali,CEO & Co-Founder MBD Financials, May Mahboob, Co-Founder & President Tetrix Network, FELIX NINO ASUNCION, CO-FOUNDER / CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER Gumi Cryptos Capital, Miko Matsumura, General Partner Aaro Capital, Ankush Jain, Chief Investment Officer Mixed Reality Rooms, Sam Hall, CEO, Co-founder U-Topia Metaverse, Emmanuel Quezada, CEO & Founder Pillar Project, Michael Messele, CEO bitsCrunch, Vijay Pravin Maharajan, Founder & CEO Pebble Ventures LLC, Michael DeNunzio, Managing Director, Founder MANTRA DAO, Will Corkin, Co-Founder TRIO, Luciano Mathias, Chief Creative Officer & Partner Mapleblock Capital, Vijay Garg, Founder & Managing Partner UN/CEFACT Expert in blockchain in finance, Massimo Buonomo WorkinCrypto.Global, Sam Wellalage, Founder Baptiste Tricoire, Web3 Strategic Advisor | Futurist & TEDx Speaker | Forbes Writer | SolidBlock, Yael Tamar, CEO & Co-founder Hartmann Capital, Felix Hartmann, Founder and CIO Holodeck Ventures, Paul Dawalibi, CEO NFTrade, Harrison Seletsky, Head of Growth and Strategy MetaJuice, John Burris, President

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