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Free Master's Program by Unit Foundation for Blockchain literacy

UnitChain is a parachain built on Substrate and linked to the PolkaDot network that provides tools that make it easy to build and grow a token, enables decentral (free-market) banking, and (3) is fundamentally designed to catalyze the token economy – widespread adoption of tokens for use (not just investment) throughout the global economy.

UnitChain chose to use the Polkadot network with the substrate framework because we believe that this is the latest evolution of blockchain technology, which allows having a scalable trust-less network.

Reasons: Scalable - proof of stake - faster transactions, more environmentally sustainable, and faster consensus mechanism Interoperable - connects with other blockchains Application-specific blockchain - focus on blockchain features that have the biggest benefits.

Master's Program

Unit Masters Program is Unit's contribution to inspire, educate and connect pioneers of the new economy. It's free of cost, designed to build "blockchain-literacy" and reduce barriers to entry.

Compact - Six-week program as compact and effective as possible to provide you with all necessary tools

Cooperative - A global network of successful entrepreneurs, investors, and founders to learn from

Rewarding - Get a return on the time and energy put in

Practical - Apply the learnings in real-time and real-life, instead of just studying the theory


  1. Learn the Future of Wealth Creation & Economics: You want to do more of what you love and better manage wealth creation for you and your community.

  2. Understand the Power of Possibilities with Blockchain: You are looking to learn about blockchain technology, decentralized systems & governance, tokens, cryptocurrencies or so-called future economies.

  3. Attend Bi-Weekly Mentorship sessions with some of the Best in the Industry: Two amazing live speaker sessions per week led by influential leaders in the disruptive tech space, and ethical community building.

  4. Find like-minded People to Grow with: Network with other participants and use this time to set up your wallet, and build your brand or business on the UNIT platform

Every two months, Unit Foundation offers a structured 6 weeks learning program to onboard the new economy. You can sign up at

Program Structure:

The Unit Masters program has four core elements:

1) Self-Paced Online Learning (learning in a reflective way) - 2) Live Mentoring Sessions with Pioneers of the New Economy (inspiration through entrepreneurs from the field) 3) Structured Crypto-Coaching (guidance through experienced facilitator) 4) Self-Organized Study Groups (peer mentoring) Weekly Curriculum over 6 weeks:

  1. Kickoff (Sunday)

  2. Tuesdays: 1 hour Live Mentoring

  3. Wednesdays: 1 hour Crypto-Coaching

  4. Thursdays: 1 hour Live Mentoring

  5. Self-organized: Weekly 30 minute "Study Gang"

Learning Curriculum of the 6 Weeks Program:

The self-paced learning encompasses articles, videos, multiple-choice quizzes. In addition, there is a weekly reflection assignment for the weekly theme. This assignment is discussed in the self-organized study groups as well as in the weekly Wednesday Crypto-Coaching Sessions.

Week 1: Decentralization & Internet of Value Week 2: Stakeholders of the New Economy Week 3: Blockchains, Protocols, Incentives Alignment Week 4: Exchanges, DeFi and NFTs Week 5: Stakeholder Capitalism & Sustainability Week 6: A token driven economy

Unit Foundation believes that bringing talented people together with a passion for Unit mission and vision can create the positive change we want to see in the world. With its diverse understanding of and across industries, our team helps us grow within those fields and are community leaders who have a strong network within cities and different industries. Unit is managed by the Unit Core Team, and each of our industries/city communities are powered by sub-teams.

Unit Foundation’s goal is to bring together 200 people within our core Unit ecosystem who will focus on having us be the leading solutions platform.

Sign up for the FREE Master’s Program here:

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