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FOMO Asia Genesis Conference Starts TodayAspires to Unite Global Web3 Communities

HONG KONG, 23 March 2023 — The FOMO Asia Genesis Conference, the first large-scale Web3 international event after Hong Kong reopened its border, will take place from March 20-23. A full-day Web3 conference on the fourth day (March 23) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center will kick off today. The conference organizer has confirmed the attendance of several distinguished guests at the event, including Joseph Chan, Undersecretary of Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, Ray Chan, Founder of 9GAG & Memeland, and John Tsang, the longest-serving ex-Financial Secretary of the HKSAR government, among others. FOMO Asia is a global Web3 movement that has successfully held large-scale events in global financial hubs cities such as New York and Singapore. The incubating team of FOMO Asia, Blockbusters Lab, chose to organize the Web3 Summit in Hong Kong this time in response to the Hong Kong government's recent announcement to actively develop the Web3 industry. The team believes that Hong Kong will play a pivotal role in the future development of virtual assets. Various government agencies, including Invest Hong Kong, Hong Kong Tourism Board, and Cyberport, have become Supporting Organizations for FOMO Asia. Kyle Leung, the co-founder of FOMO Asia, said ”The popularization of digital assets and blockchain technology has become a new mission for Hong Kong as an international financial center. Hong Kong has already nurtured many Web3 pioneer companies. The primary goal of FOMO Asia is to connect global blockchain builders and showcase Hong Kong's infinite potential in connecting two generations of the Internet, namely from Web2 to Web3.” FOMO Asia, co-hosted by CrossSpace, Web3 Hub, 852Web3, and HKGDAO, is a diverse and exciting four-day event that differentiates itself from standard business conferences. The event features notable participants from investment banks, the four major accounting firms, well-known venture capital firms, family offices, and renowned Web3 companies, who will deliver speeches on various topics, including cryptocurrency, virtual assets, Metaverse, and GameFi. On the grand finale day (March 23), 30 events will take place, featuring prominent speakers from around the world sharing their diverse perspectives on Web3 development. Among these speakers are Ray Chan, founder of the popular global company 9gag, who will introduce his Web3 project Memeland, and former Financial Secretary for HKSAR John Tsang, who will engage in a Web3 dialogue with Rubio Chan, co-founder of FOMO Asia. The conference is co-organized with Web3 Hub and set up a roadshow (Demo) session for Web3's new innovations. This session allows aspired technical teams to showcase their nascent products in front of venture capital and other capital. The event also features 30 radiant Web3 side events spread across the CBD of Hong Kong. Through the summit, the team hopes to promote unity within the Web3 community and build public trust for global blockchain communities. The event will also feature a lineup of notable speakers from around the globe, who will share their perspectives on the diverse development aspects of Web3. These speakers include: ● Joseph Chan (Undersecretary of Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau) ● Ray Chan (Founder of 9GAG & Memeland) ● Alan Lau (Chief Business Officer of Animoca Brand)

John Tsang (Longest serving ex-Financial Secretary of the HKSAR government)

Edith Yeung (General Partner, Race Capital)

King Leung (Head of Fintech, InvestHK)

Keith Rumjahn (CEO, OliveX)

Benjamin Roth (Co-founder of Auros)

Kelvin Koh (Co-founder, Spartan Group LLC)

Coolman Coffdan (Artist, Animator)

Annie Yi 伊能靜 (Founder of Theirverse, Artist)

Gene So, (Head of Ecosystem, MTR)

Allen Ng, (Co-founder of Everest Ventures Group)

Alvan Kan, (Growth Operations Director, BNB Chain Innovation)

Isaac Kong, (Head of Digital Banking, DBS)

Irene Lee, (Board member, Fintech Association of HK)

Max Song, (Co-founder of Carbonbase)

Kin Ko, (Founder of Likecoin)

Kingson Kwan (Ergon Global)

Nixon Cheung, (HK Tramway) In a bid to further innovate in Web3, the FOMO Asia team also introduces the FOMO Token, a blockchain-enabled token to provide more utilities to the conference economy derived from the array of events. Airport Express and Hong Kong Tramways are among the partners to provide value to the concept. The token partner is Adam Vault. To request an interview with FOMO Asia or for any media inquiries, please contact our public relations team in advance: Eiswein Wong Email:

Tel: +852 9609 8776 Rubio Chan Email:

Tel: +852 6102 9223

Samson Kong


Tel: +852 9532 4803

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