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Fashion Week Berlin becomes "Fashion Without Borders" The Berlin Metaverse ®

  1. The first metaverse for a fashion week in Germany

  2. Top start-ups and brands present themselves in virtual space for the first time

  3. GNTM juror Thomas Hayo live on stage in the Metaverse

Berlin – Even if the Berlin Senate prefers traditional implementations to innovative Web3 solutions when awarding its Fashion Week funding – the future is unstoppable. This is proven by The Berlin Metaverse®, in which, thanks to Anna Franzsika Michel, CEO, and co-founder of, fashion brands can experiment in the Metaverse and try out new possibilities of fashion technology from January 16, 2023, 6 PM. The digital space of The Berlin Metaverse® is part of the physical “ Conference” (January 17, from 2 PM) and enables companies to present digital collections and share them on a global level, with customers and suppliers the around the world and conduct workshops and private events in an unlimited capacity. The Berlin Metaverse® is the first metaverse event for a fashion week in Germany. The growth potential of the fashion industry and the promotion of local design talents from Berlin and Germany are the leitmotifs of The Berlin Metaverse®. By creating an immersive experience, brands can evolve beyond the limits of time, space, and physics: The future of fashion lies in the realistic representation of digital garments - and that is exactly what The Berlin Metaverse® shows. Anna Franziska Michel explains: "We present first-class quality in digital portability - real 'digital twins'. The technology enables brands to work together with everyone involved along the value chain and ultimately impress the end consumer with a fully immersive experience." In short: "Real-To-Life 3D representations" not only save companies the creation of prototypes but can also offer their buyers and customers a completely new and exciting collection experience - without any physical presence and the associated costs and resources. The Berlin Metaverse® is therefore the ideal forum to use the growth potential of the fashion industry and to promote and connect both local design talents from Berlin and well-known brands from all over Germany. Pioneers in “The Berlin Metaverse®” include Gerry Weber, FelderFelder, Thaely, Esther Perbandt, Yes My Love, Laemon, Auf Augenhoehe, Chamakam, and Martin Appélt.

In addition to collections and stores, The Berlin Metaverse® also offers daily reporting from the Fashion Week shows the live broadcast of the yoonaverse conference on January 17th, 2023, and great talks with prominent guests, such as GNTM juror Thomas Hayo, who will be present on January 16th .2023 from 7:05 PM. live on stage about “Beauty and Fashion: Exploring the Impact of AI and Fashiontech on the Future" with Maria-Liisa Bruckert, CEO and co-founder of SQIN. Quotes from Anna Franziska Michel, CEO, and co-founder of, host of the "yoonaverse Conference" and initiator of The Berlin Metaverse®:

  1. "With yoonaverse, we are building The Berlin Metaverse® and enabling our industry to act digitally in the multiverse and to integrate their digital products directly into a virtual environment."

  2. "We can drastically reduce pollution along the value chain and avoid CO₂ emissions from unnecessary production and also travel - without going out of business, but on the contrary, enabling more companies to connect virtually and actually do more business." Besonderer Dank an unsere Partner: Berlin Partner, Limitless, TrySpace, Berlin Fashion Week, Flux.FM, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, | Please find the complete program HERE ABOUT YOONA.AI is a multiverse SaaS company that uses artificial intelligence for digital product creation. The 3D designs can also be turned into beautiful digital fashion shows, digital showrooms, and collections to sell and wear in the Metaverse. significantly increases the sustainability of fashion brands, curating their margins while reducing their impact on the planet.

The software creates best-selling fashion collections that are production-ready - and shortens the process of apparel design and value chain to 3 simple clicks - bestseller/colors/artwork. YOONA AI AWARDS Anna F. Michel, CEO, and Co-Founder, was selected by Strive Magazine as one of the top 10 female business influencers in technology. She has received the Digital Female Leader Award in the Innovation category and has received GOLD in the Females in IT Award (the award goes to nominees who have founded a successful start-up company in the last five years). 2nd place in “The Female Founder Startup Challenge” by AUDI AG and Encourage Ventures eV, 1st prize “Top 3D Design Firm AWARD” at the European Metaverse Awards; GOLD winner at the WIN Awards and "TOP 100 Sustainability" from "Textil Wirtschaft" (December 30, 2021) is among the 1% of companies worldwide that have the TechStars Accelerator program has invested.

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