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Exclusive Event Alert: Genesis Universe World Battle Launch Premiere to Unleash Revolutionary Game

Updated: Mar 23

Genesis Universe World Battle Launch Premiere

In a major development for the gaming industry, Genesis Universe World Battle is set to launch its revolutionary platform that combines gaming and blockchain technology. The platform's unveiling will take place at the prestigious Golden Ballroom in Okada Manila on March 25, 2023, in an exclusive event attended by 80 curated guests, including VIPs, KOLs, and media personnel from top-notch web 3 and traditional media outlets. The highlight of the event is the Token & NFT Sale, which offers a unique opportunity to invest in the future of gaming and blockchain. With Genesis Universe World Battle, the platform aims to bring gamers and NFT enthusiasts together on a single platform, providing a secure and transparent environment for exploring new worlds, battling opponents, and trading NFTs. The website provides comprehensive information on the platform's features and participation in the Token & NFT Sale. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the website and register for early access to the platform and other exciting benefits. The event has received the backing of several top-notch web 3 and traditional media outlets, who are expected to provide comprehensive coverage of the platform's launch. Genesis Universe World Battle promises to revolutionize the gaming industry, and this event marks a significant milestone in its development. For further information, contact: Email: Website: Twitter: @GenesisUnivers Discord: Telegram:

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