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DIC IndexChain | Next-Generation's Decentralized Open Financial Infrastructure

DIC InDexChain provides an open platform for business scenarios, developers, users, and businesses to create a more inclusive, participatory, and transparent financial system.

DIC is the Next-generation's decentralized open financial infrastructure.

We believe that the cultivation and establishment of services and ecosystems are as important as the development and implementation of InDex technology. The inDex DIC introduces node and Staking reward mechanisms to motivate decentralized financial service providers and developers. In the early days, InDex coordinated and provided a framework for the development and management of services and ecosystems through the Foundation, and led a collaborative effort to support the development and development of Defi projects and DApp applications on InDex.

Blockchains are unique because they allow thousands of governance systems and monetary policies to be tried at the speed of software; in some cases, the losses caused by failures are much smaller. We have the opportunity to create distinct power distribution and balance structures and plan for our own future.

Financial Ecological Application:

Decentralized Identity

The blockchain network does not require the account or address to be bound to the real information. However, for many financial application scenarios, identity authentication is necessary and necessary in accordance with relevant legal requirements, especially in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing.

Multi-Currency Wallet

A wallet is a place where users store personal digital assets. An account is the starting point and focuses on the flow of digital assets. It is the origin of the entire financial network in the blockchain network.

Decentralized Data Publisher

For difference-based financial intelligence contracts, it is actually possible to decentralize the data publisher through the "Schelling point" protocol. The Schering point works as follows: The N side provides input values to the system for a given data (eg DIC/USD price)

Encrypted Asset Financial Services

Based on InDex's financial intelligence contract application, it can provide digital commercial bank deposit and loan business, leveraged business, and other financial derivatives services for users' encrypted assets.

Open Over-The-Counter Market

OTC (over-the-counter market, also known as the over-the-counter market), over-the-counter trading refers to equity transactions conducted in markets other than securities trading. English full name Over-the-Counter Market, Chinese translation for the counter market.

Decentralized Exchange

The traditional centralized exchange is a centralized platform for trading, and the platform endorses trust. In a decentralized exchange, the assets of both parties to the transaction are stored in their respective accounts.

Generalized Forecasting Market

The modern forecasting market is based on the participants' goal of making the best possible predictions for a future event. This time can be political elections, tomorrow's weather or even a game

Decentralized Mining Pool

Large-scale mining pools have a huge computing power, which virtually captures the lifeblood of a chain.

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