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DeFi Summit - Countdown to Inaugural Conference in June

Join the five-day virtual summit dedicated to educating, connecting, and building the DeFi ecosystem

DeFi Summit, the world's largest conference dedicated to decentralized finance is pleased to announce the dates and the first phase of speakers lined up for their inaugural virtual conference taking place in June. The "Dare to DeFi" event, which runs from June 14 to June 18 2021, will feature five days of live panels, fireside chats, and demonstrations.

DeFi Summit is now inviting everyone in the global cryptocurrency, NFT and DeFi communities to register for free attendance to the event. Talks and workshops will cover topics such as the growing non-fungible token (NFT) market, decentralized exchanges (DEX), wallets, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), oracles, yield farming, synthetic assets, insurance, security, lending, cross-chain development, layer 2s, and emerging decentralized finance use cases.

The conference will boast a stellar lineup of speakers delivering keynotes, panel sessions, and fireside chats. Speakers confirmed represent companies including Coinbase, The Graph, Unicrypt, Chainlink, Finance Vote, Polygon, Acala Network, Halborn, The Web3 Foundation, Harvest Finance, Liquefy and Liquefy Labs, Linear Finance, and Convergence Finance along with several prominent YouTubers including BitBoy, DataDash, and Cryptonauts.

The two co-founders, Justin Wu and Michael Huynh, are passionate about building up the community for decentralized finance and organizing a free virtual conference for global attendees.

"Both Justin Wu and I have been in the blockchain marketing space since 2017 and noticed there hasn't been any event dedicated to blockchain agnostic DeFi protocols. We wanted to create an event in order to bring together the Decentralized Finance communities and produce a lasting impact on the industry. Justin has done multiple events and organized Seattle's first blockchain conference and I've been building up communities for some time. Together with our team, we're aiming to produce a conference where all communities can come together and expand the capabilities of DeFi," said Michael Huynh.

To kick off the main event, the conference starts off with a full day dedicated to the latest in NFTs. In addition, there will also be a DeFi Demo Day, where projects in different ecosystems will be given the opportunity to share and demonstrate their DeFi protocols.

Those interested in attending, speaking or sponsoring the event can learn more via the DeFi Summit website. Registrants will be eligible to compete and win exclusive NFT drops via our social media announcements leading up to the conference and while attending the conference.

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About DeFi Summit

DeFi Summit is the world's largest dedicated conference and event focused purely on the burgeoning decentralized finance movement made for builders, developers and the community. The free virtual conference contains 5 days of exclusive programming featuring live panels, fireside chats, Kickoff & NFT Stage, DeFi Demo Day, and more - in a global blockchain event unlike any other. To learn more, visit

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