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DeFi Africa to host the Ghana Crypto and DeFi Summit 2022 in Accra, Ghana

Despite the current bear market, the adoption of DeFi and blockchain products by individuals and companies across the globe continues to rise. In response to this growth, many companies are currently seeking to hire people with Web3 expertise. With a predominantly young population, Africa is considered the continent that has the fastest rate of cryptocurrency adoption, and Ghana is no exception. Thus, it is necessary to provide opportunities for intensive education and skill development in this emerging sector.

On November 3rd, 2022, builders, developers, and general enthusiasts of this sector will come together at DeFi Africa's mainstream event, Ghana Crypto and DeFi Summit 2022 (GCDsummit2022), to advance the understanding of mainstream adoption of the products in this industry. This event is enthusiastically supported by the Uniswap Grants Program and additional sponsors who will be announced later.

As evidenced in previous events, DeFi Africa has been educating people about DeFi and its impact on Africa since 2019 through meetups. This year's event will be no different, and it has been called the largest organic, grassroots, and all-inclusive summit for crypto and DeFi issues in Ghana. It will bring together some of the world's top crypto influencers, developers, guests from the government, media, and other hand-picked investors, among others, to help grow the blockchain and DeFi community in Africa.

This event will be one of the most significant gatherings in the African blockchain and DeFi ecosystems. The summit will bring together more than 200 people from Ghana and other countries to learn, network, and get educated about DeFi, Web3, NFTs, and Metaverse. Experts in NFTs, the Metaverse, banking, and crypto trading, as well as 20 or more people who work in DeFi, will be at the event. The media and other crypto influencers are also on board to make sure that projects get as much attention as possible and to share their knowledge of the industry.

DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance, promises to allow people or investors to “become their own bank” by giving them opportunities to save, lend, or borrow money peer-to-peer and earn better yields than those available in traditional banking. With cryptocurrency, anyone can send money quickly anywhere around the world, and they can access their funds via digital wallets without paying traditional banking fees.

According to Google trends, Ghana is among the top 20 countries for running Google searches about cryptocurrency. This makes it clear that Ghanaians have an organic and growing interest in cryptocurrency and its applications. Also, in terms of cryptocurrency ownership in Ghana, it's estimated that over 900,000 people (3.01% of Ghana’s total population) own at least one type of cryptocurrency.

The Bank of Ghana has been interested in regulating cryptocurrency for a while and has set up the FinTech and Innovation Office to drive the bank's cash-lite, e-payments, and digitization agenda. The office has started a pilot program called a "regulatory and innovation sandbox." One of the types of products and services it will favor is those that use "blockchain" technology. This is consistent with the country's commitment to developing an enabling and inclusive regulatory environment that promotes FinTechs and supports Blockchain innovation.

But will the BoG's regulatory sandbox make the crypto market grow even faster? Will the Ghanaian government be able to regulate cryptocurrency quickly and effectively? GCDSummit2022 aims to answer the most pressing questions and bring together industry experts and thought leaders to understand what the future of DeFi and crypto looks like-not just in the case of Ghana, but also the world.

In line with DeFi Africa's goal of being a hub for promoting and adopting DeFi in Africa, the summit will include presentations, use-case studies, and educational sessions by ecosystem projects that will show off their latest innovations that are designed to help people and organizations adopt DeFi and crypto solutions.

The following main topics, as well as many others, will be covered at GCDSummit2022, and they'll all give attendees practical knowledge of the issues and trends in the Decentralized Finance world.

  1. Keynote: The emergence of Web3, its functionality, uniqueness, utility, and the future of the internet.

  2. Keynote: An overview of Decentralized Finance and its value propositions

  3. Presentation: The economy: As inflation explodes, can DeFi be an effective hedge against inflation?

  4. Panel discussion: The New Fintech Revolution: Cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance

  5. Why are we here and what does the future look like?

  6. How will DeFi challenge Fintechs, is it complementary or a bigger challenge to Banks?

  7. The macro financial & technological trends contributing to the exponential growth of DeFi.

  8. What are the biggest threats to adoption?

  9. Keynote talk: Regulatory perspectives on digital assets in Ghana

  10. Keynote talk: Introduction to DEXs and the strategies of managing liquidity on Uniswap protocol

  11. Panel discussion: The rise of NFTs and the Metaverse: The global impact on fintechs and innovation

  12. Presentation: Future-proofing Your Investment Skills: Becoming the Investor of the Future

  13. Panel discussion: The influence of regulation on Web3 products: opportunities and challenges.

GCDSummit2022 speakers will answer all these questions and more, so those interested should secure their seats now for the most important and community-oriented event of summer 2022.

DeFi Africa is always looking for new and interesting projects to build tomorrow's decentralized world with. So any project looking to get up on stage to share what they're all about or just have a booth to display is encouraged to contact the organization to learn more about its offers. DeFi Africa understands that every project is unique, so its team adapts to the needs and possibilities of each individual project. For more information, follow DeFi Africa on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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