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Coinweb Secures $2 Million Funding from SAVA Investment Management

Updated: May 7

SAVA Funding Administration, a licensed fund manager registered in the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands, has partnered with Coinweb to execute a buyback program for 6% of the total supply of CWEB tokens. Johan Ditz Lemche, the Managing Director of SAVA Funding Administration, acknowledged the project's advancements in technology and business strategy and recognized Coinweb's resilience and innovation within the digital asset industry. This strategic collaboration not only provides Coinweb with the necessary resources to continue its mission of revolutionizing the digital asset space but also validates its commitment to resilience and innovation. Coinweb is poised to take the market by storm, with SAVA Investment Management as a valuable partner in their journey. About Coinweb Coinweb addresses fundamental problems with current blockchain technology. Coinweb aims to be the first general-purpose blockchain platform to deliver true interoperability for real-world usage. To achieve this, we are actively approaching collaboration with traditional businesses. The core building block at the foundation of Coinweb’s unique approach is the InChain architecture. It is the InChain architecture that allows Coinweb dApps to deliver our radical new solutions to fundamental problems. InChain architecture makes it possible to take maximum advantage of blockchain interoperability with fewer tradeoffs.

The InChain architecture proves the state of a blockchain in a different way. This has huge implications for the Coinweb platform and dApps. With this new approach, it is possible to retain the properties of the underlying chains and dramatically increase the efficiency and usefulness of dApps.

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