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CoinEx Charity Grant for Fulfilling Dreams: Bringing Hope to Impoverished Students in the Philippine

On August 21, 2023, CoinEx Charity donated school supplies to 100 poor students at Bacoor National High School in the Cavite Province of the Philippines. The donations included notebooks, school bags, daily necessity kits, crayons, colored paper, ballpoint pens, and pencils. This initiative has not only addressed the basic needs of the students in their academic pursuits but also encouraged them to actively engage in learning and exploration. The generous donation of CoinEx Charity has equipped these students with better learning tools and a more conducive learning environment, thus empowering them to pursue their dreams in the future.

According to the latest report from the Philippine Statistics Authority, over 22 million people in the Philippines are living below the poverty line, with approximately 35% being children and teenagers. It means that as many as 10 million students in the Philippines are grappling with poverty. Bacoor National High School, established in 2003, is a public school in the Philippines that provides free education for disadvantaged students. The students at this school come from diverse backgrounds and family situations, facing adversity to varying degrees.

After learning about the situation, the CoinEx Charity team purchased a batch of school supplies, paint, and cement, and transported them to Bacoor National High School on August 21. On that day, the faculty and students of the school had a special welcome party for CoinEx Charity to express their heartfelt gratitude for the donation. The school principal emphasized that this donation would have a profound impact on the learning and growth of these students and motivate them to study even harder.

During the donation event, the CoinEx Charity team handed each student their school supplies, encouraging them to pursue knowledge and face future challenges with confidence. While providing tangible support for underprivileged students, this charitable initiative has also delivered a meaningful signal that education holds the key to changing their future. In addition to the learning supplies, CoinEx Charity also donated paint and cement to the school for maintenance. It would help to create a more beautiful and comfortable learning environment for the students, thus enhancing their learning experience and motivation. The charitable event at Bacoor National High School has yielded fruitful results, as it made a positive impact on the local community and received good feedback.

CoinEx Charity has remained committed to the cause of education, with a particular focus on children in poverty-stricken regions. It also believes that education holds the key to a better future and that every child should have access to quality education. Therefore, this year, CoinEx Charity launched the global program “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams”. By offering grants and school supplies to disadvantaged students worldwide, this charitable program aims to help them overcome obstacles, pursue their dreams, and unleash their full potential. To date, CoinEx Charity’s donations have reached countries such as Nigeria, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Venezuela, and Indonesia. The donation in the Philippines is part of the “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams”. In the future, CoinEx Charity will extend its charitable contributions to countries and regions including Türkiye, Africa, and Bangladesh.

Since its inception, CoinEx Charity has actively participated in global social welfare activities and endeavored to provide educational resources for children in impoverished regions. Through the global charitable initiative, CoinEx Charity believes it can help more children fulfill their dreams and contribute to a brighter future. In days to come, CoinEx Charity will continue to focus on educational charity by advancing the cause of education in regions worldwide and empowering more disadvantaged students to chase their dreams. In addition, CoinEx Charity calls upon the whole community to join in educational charity and channel more resources and support into global education.

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