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BLOCK DOWN STORIES | Kade Almendinger, CEO of HODL Technologies LLC & Radio Talk Show Host of HOD...

Introduction about yourself and your company?

My name is Kade Almendinger, but you may know me by my alter ego BlocKade. I have worked as an advisor for several projects and have my own consulting company called HODL Technologies LLC. I currently invest in and write about the Crypto space. I also co-host a Crypto-focused podcast called “Darkside of the HODL Moon.”

How are you and your business in this time of crisis?

Working in the Blockchain and Crypto space, this crisis hasn’t affected me much. I have a home office and do mostly remote work. In some sectors of the Blockchain space, business has really been booming; Crypto exchanges come to mind for one.

What do you think will happen after all quarantine period will be lifted?

I tend to think that things will go back to normal for most. However, there will undoubtedly be some permanent effects in certain sectors of the economy. I think the hotel/restaurant/hospitality sector will take some hits and many small businesses and restaurants will never re-open. I personally think the length and severity of the quarantine was an overreaction, but that’s beyond my control.

What are the things you’re doing this lockdown period?

Although still working, I’ve found myself with more free time since I’m not going out to restaurants or meeting friends. I’ve used it to improve and increase my talent stack. I’ve also used it to make a dent in my book list.

What are some lessons you’ve learned during this pandemic?

First off, I’ve learned not to take my freedom for granted. I have some concerns that the freedom of movement and liberty we enjoy where I live may not fully return. Politicians never let a crisis go to waste, but it’s been great to see protests and other acts of civil disobedience. I am cautiously optimistic that things will return to normal when it comes to these unconstitutional orders.

What are the things you’re grateful for?

I’m grateful for my friends, family, and girlfriend. Having a strong social network is critical at all times but especially in times like these. I’m also grateful that I’m doing fine economically and can continue to work. My heart goes out to the small business owners and others that are struggling.

Can you give some advice to other people and businesses out there during this pandemic?

I would recommend they do some of the things I’ve done: increase your talent stack, exercise, eat healthily, and don’t worry about things beyond your control. Beyond that, this lockdown emphasizes the need to have personal and business savings for unforeseen circumstances. Far too many people live paycheck to paycheck, even if they make $100K+ a year.

Do you agree that Blockchain can help sustain the economy?

Although I’m a huge believer in Blockchain being a major sector of the economy, we’re not quite there yet. I think we need the synergy of all the industries working at the same time to recover from this economic hit we’ve taken.

Where can we follow you and your business?

You can visit to check out the podcast.

For consulting inquiries and general questions, you can find me on LinkedIn or Telegram: @Kade256 (Telegram Handle)

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