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As COVID-19 forces the economy into a recession, millions of families have been devastated by job loss or work reduction, we must still see the silver lining for everything.

Blockchain technology has the capability to drive forward innovations in helping businesses, hospitals, and communities to overcome disruptions. A global crisis of this magnitude requires a collaborative, innovative approach on a large scale.

Eddy is from Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia also empowering MSMEs' financing through Blockchain.

Block Tides interviewed top key leaders in the Blockchain space during this time of quarantine to connect all of us, beyond geographical limits and crisis.

We're opening this series starting off with Eddy Christian Ng, Chief Operating Officer of Tokoin.

Introduction about yourself and your company?

My name is Eddy Christian Ng, I am currently the COO of Tokoin a trade financing platform that focuses on building identity and credit scoring for small businesses. We started back in mid-2019 and we are growing the MSMEs market since then up until now.

How are you and your business in this time of crisis?

As for us the team member, we try to work from home and keep doing the productive effort for our company however we see the challenges when we would like to scale up our products for the MSME since the majority of the MSMEs are suffering from the covid19 pandemic. Therefore we have launched a national campaign where we raise funds from individuals and businesses that would like to help to fight covid19 by providing PPE, rapid test, and other needs for groups of people that are in need.

What do you think will happen after all quarantine period will be lifted?

That’ll be a new normal in life, the way we do business, the way we trust people around us. But definitely new opportunities will come up and people that can see these from now will create something that can help the society.

What are the things you’re doing this lockdown period?

We take on two new initiatives, we believe in creating identity still. Therefore we work closely with local healthcare providers to create a booking system for a Rapid and PCR test which focuses on data and identity of the patient. Also, we try to bring content as entertainment to our community of users while in the middle of social distancing.

What are some lessons you’ve learned during this pandemic?

Being able to adapt and flexible enough to pivot your business. Things will change, as an entrepreneur, we need to embrace change, including our personal life.

What are the things you’re grateful for?

I am grateful that our team still sticking together and keeps bringing value to our customers and our users. Everyone is healthy also.

Can you please share some stories of what you’re doing during quarantine?

Trying to help others as much as I can, I order food through food delivery service and give the food to the driver. Help the lay off impacted people with some freelancing job to give them extra income. As for myself, I spent time with my family most of the time. Cherishing the moment.

Can you give some advice to other people and businesses out there during this pandemic?

Stay positive even though it’s tough, try to do the best you can to help others. I really believe in becoming the “hero” for others in this hard time. It will definitely help and boost up other people's mentality.

Do you agree that Blockchain can help sustain the economy?

I do, there are so many use cases on blockchain in helping to sustain the economy, say supply chain financing. This will help efficiently deploy funds needed by small businesses to grow and to sustain.

Where can we follow you and your business?

All our social media addresses are here on our website,

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