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BLOCK DOWN STORIES | Daniel Santos, Founder of Digitizing Assets Pte Ltd.

“In 2018 I have seen a bifurcation between high-quality projects focusing on the private sale route and higher-risk, often low-quality solely going the public sale path; my focus is on building long-term value and ensuring that we don’t issue zombie tokens into the market.” – Daniel Santos

We've interviewed Daniel with the same questions that we had with the previous key leaders.

Introduction about yourself and your company?

My business helps SMEs to digitize and move onto the cloud. We at DA are now able to provide investors with access to pre-IPO companies and to create exits and liquidity to previously locked markets. We at DA are now able to provide investors with access to pre-IPO companies and to create exits and liquidity to previously locked markets. One just needs to recall that the investors who reaped the most from Facebook were the VCs who were able to tap into the pre-IPO growth stage of Facebook and cashed out at or immediately post-IPO. The new digital assets market opens up these same kinds of previously restricted opportunities to individual investors, family offices as well as institutions to access the growth of pre-IPO tech companies.

We use blockchain technology to disrupt the VC and PE game, giving liquidity and exits to early equity investors and protecting business owners from predatory VC and PE terms. We also allow business owners to clean up their cap tables and regain control of their companies.

How are you and your business in this time of crisis?

I am doing good. I aim to see the positives in every situation. My business is doing well as the pandemic has accelerated digitization initiative and more companies are moving onto the cloud. I believe that companies should be completely on the cloud. So we have some way to go yet.

What do you think will happen after all quarantine period will be lifted?

Human nature tells us that people will want to socialize: Go to bars, restaurants, and attend social events. We are social animals and nothing can change that. Not even pandemics. But we need to get used to the new normal involving social distancing.

What are the things you’re doing this lock-down period?

Strategic planning and winning new deals. I am also exercising more and eating homemade foods. I am healthier!

What are some lessons you’ve learned during this pandemic?

That airports, restaurants, and bars tend to be overcrowded. Empty restaurants and bars will lack the vibe but less crowded airports will be a good result. The bad aspect will be the more checks at the airport (temperature and health checks) I've also learned that masks and gloves are currently trading as any other high in-demand commodity. This brings issues to hospitals as they cost more but it also brings trading opportunities.

What are the things you’re grateful for?

Good question! I’m grateful to be alive, to have good friends and family.

Can you please share some stories of what you’re doing during lock-down?

I have been going jogging or cycling daily. The rest of my time I’m working or watching movies.

Can you give some advice to other people and businesses out there during this pandemic?

My advice is to remain positive and be adaptable. It’s not the strongest that survives but the most adaptable to change.

Do you agree that Blockchain can help sustain the economy?

Blockchain can help the economy as it creates jobs and helps companies to be more efficient in their processes.

Where can we follow you and your business?


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