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Bitcoin Magazine Books Brings 'The Philosophy of Bitcoin' from Spanish to English Readers

Bitcoin Magazine Books, the book publishing imprint of BTC Inc., is proud to announce the release of "The Philosophy of Bitcoin" by Álvaro D. María. Originally published in Spanish in 2022 as "La Filosofía de Bitcoin," the book caused a sensation for its unique exploration of Bitcoin's disruptive nature to civilization. Now, English readers can enjoy this enlightening philosophical perspective on the most important technological innovation of our time.

"It's a great privilege to work with Álvaro and to deliver his groundbreaking work to English-speaking readers. We plan to honor that commitment with a launch that we hope will be heard around the world. Everyone, bitcoiners or not, should read this book." Ellen Sullivan, the Publisher of Bitcoin Magazine Books.

"The Philosophy of Bitcoin" by Álvaro D. María

This work delves into the nature of Bitcoin and its political implications. The author, Álvaro D. María, with his unique background in philosophy and law, analyzes its innovations and explains why institutions are being challenged as a result of Bitcoin's emergence. In the book, he argues that Bitcoin is comparable to other revolutionary technologies like gunpowder, or the Internet. Through deep philosophical exploration, readers will learn how Bitcoin is changing the way we think about money, power, and the role of the State in society.

“Bitcoin redefines the right to property by making it absolute, and poses a new challenge to states, opening the door to new political forms by changing the current bargaining power. If gunpowder accelerated the passage from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age, Bitcoin will help accelerate the passage to the Information Age.” Álvaro D. María, Author

"The Philosophy of Bitcoin" is available now in the Bitcoin Magazine Shop. Álvaro D. María will also be signing copies of his book at the Bitcoin 2023 event on the Book Signing Booth. This is a unique opportunity for readers to meet the author and delve deeper into the ideas presented in his book.

Bitcoin Magazine Books is committed to bringing high-quality, thought-provoking literature about Bitcoin to a wider audience. "The Philosophy of Bitcoin" is the latest addition to our growing catalog of Bitcoin-related books. We are excited to share this book with our readers and look forward to continuing to publish more works that explore the fascinating world of Bitcoin.

About Bitcoin Magazine Books

Bitcoin Magazine Books is the trade book publishing imprint of BTC Inc and its wholly owned subsidiary, BTC Media LLC, publishers of Bitcoin Magazine. The mission is twofold: to elevate and amplify important voices in the Bitcoin space, and to educate the general public about Bitcoin. Bitcoin Magazine Books will publish up to twelve titles annually for distribution to trade, wholesale, and special markets worldwide. The titles are available in print, digital, and audio formats on multiple platforms including Amazon, ACX (amazon, Audible, and iTunes), Ingram Book Company, and through our online store as well as at our various conferences and events each year. About Bitcoin Magazine

Since 2012 Bitcoin Magazine has been the most trusted source of news, information, and expert commentary on Bitcoin. Providing analysis, research, education, and thought leadership at the intersection of finance, technology, and culture. They are also the organizer of the cryptocurrency industry's largest annual event – The Bitcoin Conference. This annual global Bitcoin Conference has grown tremendously since it began in San Francisco in 2019. April 2022 in Miami the team hosted over 26,000 attendees and 400+ companies and went global in October of 2022 with Bitcoin Amsterdam – the largest European bitcoin conference. This year's events have been scheduled for Bitcoin 2023 on May 18-20 2023 in Miami and Bitcoin Amsterdam on October 12-13 2023.

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