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Bitcoin Conference 2023: A Remarkable Success Amidst Market Challenges

The Bitcoin 2023 conference concludes with a success, signaling a new chapter for Bitcoin. Held in Miami Beach from May 18-20th, 2023, the conference united global leaders, influencers, and enthusiasts, reaffirming Bitcoin's enduring significance in the financial world. Now, Bitcoin Magazine - The Bitcoin Conference Organizer shares the key highlights that emerged from this momentous event.

“This year's Bitcoin Conference surpassed all my expectations, becoming a defining moment for the Bitcoin industry. With notable participation from two US presidential candidates sharing their Bitcoin policies, it ignited a collective realization that Bitcoin has transcended the fringes of societal discourse, becoming a mainstream force supported across party lines. The conference generated an extraordinary level of enthusiasm, fostering engaging dialogue and setting the stage for the era of mainstream Bitcoin.” said Brandon Green, Head of People of Bitcoin Magazine (The Bitcoin Conference organizer).


The Bitcoin Conference 2023 also provided a platform for supporting developers in their crucial work. Brink, an esteemed organization dedicated to funding open-source Bitcoin protocol development, successfully raised $800 thousand USD within the few days of the conference. This significant contribution will fuel innovation and advancements in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Samara Alpha Management and Bitcoin Magazine Pro have partnered to present The Bitcoin Alpha Competition: an open-application competition offering a unique opportunity for startup managers and hedge funds to present their strategies to a premier audience of institutional allocators looking to discover new and innovative investment strategies. Samara Alpha will award the winner $1 million USD in seed capital as well as provide all operational infrastructure to run a successful fund, allowing the winning fund to focus solely on generating alpha.

Art and market:

Art enthusiasts found a place at the conference's auctioned art showcase, where rare and sought-after pieces were available for purchase. The first Ordinal Exhibition - Ordinal Alley - sold 6.38 BTC worth of Ordinals.

Additionally, the Bitcoin Bazaar served as a thriving marketplace, witnessing all vendors embracing Bitcoin as a means of transaction, reinforcing its status as a viable currency for everyday use.

Demonstrating the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem, the Bitcoin Magazine store reported 21% of all transactions were made via lightning Bitcoin payments. This data underscores the increasing adoption of Bitcoin and lightning protocol as a constantly increasing appetite for conducting business. Onsite sales of merchandising or food & beverage via IBEX were in total 165.6 million sats - 1,66 BTC.


The conference's program was replete with engaging sessions and keynotes. The Live Desk allowed attendees to stay up to date with the latest developments, while the presence of over 560 press representatives ensured extensive media coverage and dissemination of valuable insights.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the US Presidential candidate for the Democratic party declared in his keynote his dedication to making Bitcoin a part of his platform, speaking about self-custody, mining, and the right to run nodes among others.

Vivek Ramaswamy the US Presidential candidate for the Republican party presented in his keynote his plan for his candidacy as well as accepting bitcoin donations to his campaign.

Jack Mallers the CEO of Strike, announced that the global money app for fast, safe payments is expanding to a global audience of 65+ countries and is now available for 3 billion people.

David McIntosh and Tim Ryan announced a bipartisan PAC to foster a supportive policy and regulatory environment for the Bitcoin industry in the US.

Industry Day: A track dedicated to exploring Bitcoin's impact on various sectors provided valuable knowledge and fostered collaborations between industry leaders, with more than 250 sponsoring companies attending.

On Industry Day Bitcoin Magazine also organized a popular startup contest called Pitch Day. Fourteen finalist teams pitched their projects in two categories.

Infrastructure Category: Startups that are building infrastructure layer solutions

With following judges: Chris Calicott — Managing Director, Trammell Venture Partners, Brian Dixon — President, Off the Chain Capital, Jason Fang — Founder & Managing Partner, Sora Ventures, Nico Lechuga — General Partner, Ego Death Capital and Stella Xu — VP, Foresight Ventures.

The winners of this category were Debifi pitched by Max Kei and runner-up OrdinalSafe pitched by Murat Karademir and Esad Yusuf Atik

Adoption Category: Startups that are building an end user facing solutions

With following judges: Tyler Evans — Managing Partner, Bitcoin Magazine Ecosystem Fund, Max Webster — Founder, Hivemind Ventures, Kelly Brewster — CEO, Wolf, Mike Jarmuz — General Partner, Lightning Ventures, and Alex Mann — Partner, Timechain

This category was won by Geyser (pitched by Mick Morucci and Stelios Rammos) and a runner-up become Osmo (pitched by Piero Coen)


The Bitcoin Conference 2023 was not only a hub for knowledge and networking but also a platform for fostering community. The event hosted various Bitcoin meetups from all over the country to compete in the Bitcoin games – a tournament culminating in the prize of a 1 BTC winner. This sense of fellowship and shared passion for Bitcoin further solidified the conference's success.

The Bitcoin Conference 2023's afterparty was a sold-out event, further highlighting the enthusiasm and passion within the Bitcoin community. Attendees reveled in a celebratory atmosphere, forming connections and engaging in meaningful conversations about the future of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Conference is moving to Nashville in 2024

The organizers closed out the show with the announcement that The 2024 Bitcoin Conference will be taking place in Nashville, Tennessee. With a firm commitment to fostering Bitcoin adoption at local restaurants and businesses, the upcoming conference promises to be a pivotal event for both the cryptocurrency community and the Nashville economy.

Set to take place on July 25-27th, 2024, the event will feature an impressive lineup of renowned speakers, industry pioneers, and innovators who will share their expertise, insights, and experiences with attendees. From Bitcoin mining to worldwide adoption and lightning advances, the conference will cover a wide range of topics relevant to the ever-expanding Bitcoin ecosystem.

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