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Announcement #044 | Block Tides | Covenant Child

Block Tides and Covenant Child Collaborate to Boost the Popularity of the Revolutionary P2E Game

Covenant Child, the ground-breaking award-winning play-to-earn (P2E) mobile game, and Block Tides, a top PR and marketing company concentrating in blockchain, technology, and developing sectors, are excited to announce their new alliance. This strategic partnership intends to use Block Tides’ PR and marketing know-how to boost Covenant Child’s popularity and wide adoption in the cutthroat game business.

With its cutting-edge gameplay, strategic RPG components, and seamless incorporation of blockchain technology, Covenant Child has raised the bar in the gaming industry. Covenant Child is a P2E game that gives users the chance to gain significant rewards and items by taking part in gaming and interacting with the thriving in-game economy.

Covenant Child will be able to leverage Block Tides’ powerful PR and marketing capabilities through their cooperation in order to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience. Block Tides will bring their breadth of knowledge in growth hacking, social media management, branding, content advice, and media distribution services to the table. They are known for their award-winning track record and global influence.

Block Tides is the appropriate partner for Covenant Child due to its extensive knowledge of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and gaming industries. Covenant Child will benefit from their unmatched network of media connections with both traditional and crypto-focused publications to garner wide exposure and the interest of influential industry figures. Furthermore, Covenant Child will have access to intriguing chances for growth and expansion because of Block Tides’ track record of organizing excellent events and establishing strategic alliances.

About the Partnership

The partnership between Covenant Child and Block Tides represents a common goal to revolutionize the gaming business by fusing cutting-edge technology, fun gameplay, and successful marketing techniques. By working together, the two businesses hope to forge a formidable presence in the blockchain and gaming industries, making Covenant Child the go-to P2E mobile game and creating new benchmarks for excellence and innovation.

As Covenant Child and Block Tides begin their ground-breaking relationship, pushing the frontiers of gaming, technology, and PR to influence the industry’s future, keep an eye out for additional updates and announcements.

About Covenant Child

Covenant Child is a mobile strategic role-playing game that pioneers the play-to-earn (P2E) business model. It gives players the chance to acquire substantial rewards through fun gameplay and the application of blockchain technology. Covenant Child aspires to offer gamers everywhere a steady and enduring gaming experience with its fascinating plot, a broadcast of heroes, and engrossing gameplay mechanics.

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About Block Tides

Block Tides is a well-known public relations and marketing company that specializes in emerging markets, technology, and blockchain. Block Tides provides a wide range of services, including growth hacking, social media management, branding, content advisory, media distribution, investor relations, public relations, events, and community management. The company has a track record of delivering significant results and boosting conversions across the globe.

Official social media handles

Website | Youtube | Discord | Twitter | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

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