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Alpha Female Book Launching Soon

#LadyBoss: Conversations with Women Who Rock the Money World Book supposed to have its grand launching last May 9, 2020 Monstar Hub PH Startup Studio + Coworking Space at Lady Traders Confession 2020 event.

No one is prepared with the pandemic that's happening but we are hopeful that at the end of this crisis, we will emerge capable of more kindness and compassion.

We love the way technology moves humanity forward. The world turning upside-down can enable new ways of seeing. And we are eager to explore them. During these dark days, technology more than ever proved to be the light of hope for all of us.

Alpha Female Book to be launched soon but you can pre-order here:

Proceeds will go to the education and livelihood of abused women and teenage moms in the Philippines.

Finally, our rebranded collaboration in partnership with Block Tides this book is launching soon featuring successful lady bosses to inspire each and every one of us in the fields of entrepreneurship, finance, and trading in Manila, Philippines.

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